Oh, deer! Time to talk turkey about urban wildlife

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Turkeys downtown
  • 11th Avenue near Oregon campus
  • Deer
  • _Sean_ turkey pizza pipeline
  • Turkeys downtown
  • Turkeys downtown
  • yurii E7th and Pearl downtown turkeys
  • Turkeys at 18th and 4 Oaks Grange
Turkeys downtown
While breathtaking in their natural environment, on the roads, these animals can take your breath away, too: Deer like to cross the roads at dusk and in the dark. Turkey are known to wander into roads, too.

That's a danger for motorists who "overreact and cause a secondary accident trying to avoid the animal, and those can be quite dangerous, too," Wolfer said.

Ty Steele and Bill Goetz from KVAL News looked at turkey, deer and other urban wildlife for a story set to air on KVAL News at 6 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 25, 2012