Oregon Freeze Dry joins other "Extreme Factories" this weekend

Oregon Freeze Dry joins other "Extreme Factories" this weekend »Play Video

ALBANY, Ore. -- After making trips to both the moon and the ocean floor, one local company is headed for national television.

The Albany-based Oregon Freeze Dry company will be featured on the Travel Channel’s “Extreme" series this weekend.

This week the segment profiles “Extreme Factories", and shows viewers what it's like to make food that can handle any extreme.

Oregon Freeze Dry marketing manager Reiner Bohlen said the freeze drying process has been around for decades, and takes 98 percent of the moisture from foods.

The company makes everything from dried stews, fruit, vegetables, meat and pasta dinners, baby food, as well as the infamous freeze-dried ice cream.

“You have a pouch of freeze dry food, add a pot of boiling water, stir it up and 10 minutes later you've got a piping hot meal that's just as good as if you've prepared it from scratch,” Bohlen said.

Oregon Freeze Dry has supplied the US Government with food since the Vietnam war.

With new packaging, the company says they can make food that can last up to 10 years in storage.