Out/Loud Festival draws crowd downtown

Out/Loud Festival draws crowd downtown

EUGENE, Ore. - Kesey Square in the heart of downtown Eugene was fenced off Saturday night to make room for the 2013 Out/Loud Festival.

Out/Loud is self-described as the “largest all-ages 1 day queer women’s music festival in the Northwest.”

The event, though structured, was a culmination of Eugene’s Pride Week and was purely a recreational gathering.

Nina Nolen, Master of Ceremonies for Out/Loud 2013, described the event as a celebration of being “out” in the community, and a celebration of queer women and their allies.

A lineup featuring bands such as Virginia Cohen and Tender Forever provided live music throughout the day.

The lineup also featured University of Oregon student artists, including Kristen Taylor and Ryan Riddick.

The stage was also open to high school students who wished to share poetry or other vocal art.

Spin Cycle Squares, Eugene’s gay square dancing club, took the stage earlier in the day to give the crowd square dancing lessons. 

Claim 52, a new Brewery in Eugene, operated a beer garden with proceeds going to the Associated Students of the University of Oregon.

Out/Loud began 13 years ago as “Lesbopalooza” and has since grown from a backyard party to a downtown festival. The event was organized and hosted by the University of Oregon Women’s Center, and the UO LGBTQA Community.

Queer, in this case, refers to anyone who is not 100 percent heterosexual, heteronormative, or gender-binary, although people of all sexualities were in attendance.