Paris. New York. Bali. Cairo. Yachats?

Paris. New York. Bali. Cairo. Yachats?

EUGENE, Ore. - Paris. Bali. Cairo. Yachats?

Arthur Frommer, the founder of the travel guides that bear his name, shared his 10 favorite travel destinations in a blog post on on Dec. 28, 2011.

"To me, the leisure enjoyed during the holiday season is a perfect time in which to plan future vacations," Frommer wrote, "and so I've compiled a list of my own favorite destinations."

The globe-trotting travel writer lauded Sanibel Island in Florida, Greenwich Village in New York City - and Yachats, Ore.

"A tiny seaside town, and yet with several gourmet restaurants (featuring Dungeness Crab at some), a number of small motel-like lodgings, and a good beach--in sum, the ideal spot for a stop in the course of a motoring trip along the breathtaking (and largely undeveloped) Oregon coast," Frommer wrote.