Park Watch: Digital tool taps public's help monitoring city parks

Park Watch: Digital tool taps public's help monitoring city parks

EUGENE, Ore. - Ever seen damage, trash or crime in a city park and thought, "Somebody ought to do something."

Now you can.

The City of Eugene offers Park Watch, an online reporting system for everything from maintenance problems, like broken sidewalks, to behavior problems, like public urination.

This is the second year for the program, but Park Watch signs will begin appearing in parks later this summer with the website and QR code direct access for smart phone users.

Acting Police Captain Doug Mozan calls it an on-line Neighborhood Watch for the parks and adds, "The whole goal here is to increase the efficiency, increase awareness and make it easier for people to report problems."

Park users, neighbors and city staff can easily report non-emergency safety issues immediately as they are encountered in a park or facility at from any computer or mobile device.  

"People can tell us about a broken park bench, a water main that's leaking or that their car has just been broken in to," says Mozan. 

The types of non-emergency issues that can be reported include bike path hazards, graffiti, harassment, theft, trash, vandalism, disorderly behavior and more.   Park issues could include broken equipment or broken water mains or defaced park signs.  

Mozan is quick to point out that Park Watch is not a replacement for 9-1-1.   If you see a crime in progress, still call 9-1-1 for immediate help.