Party Patrol: A continued effort to round up rowdy students

EUGENE, Ore. -- Officers patrolling the campus neighborhoods for partiers had a busy Saturday night, issuing over 50 citations and arresting 14 people after having a relatively slow Friday night.

Eugene Police Department said that the increased patrolling is an attempt to keep Eugene's University District calmer during a six-hour period between 9 p.m. and 3 a.m. on Friday and Saturday night,

The EPD "Party Patrol"  arrested four people on Friday and 14 on Saturday, making for a total of 18 people arrested on charges ranging from consumption, open container and prohibited noise. 


On Friday night police issued  a total of 13 charges and citations, including:

  • 4   Minor in Possession  (All were U of O students)
  • 4   Prohibited Noise  (All were U of O students)
  • 1    Theft 3/Criminal Mischief 3
  • 1    Urinating in Public (U of O student)
  • 2    Non-Criminal Detox (Both U of O students)
  • 1    Reckless Driving/DUII (U of O student)

Saturday's totals were significantly higher, as police made 53 citations and charges:

  • 32   Minor in Possession  (26 were U of O students)
  • 18    Open Container of Alcohol in a public place (8 were U of O students)
  • 2     Prohibited Noise  (Both were U of O students)
  • 1       Possession of Less than ounce of marijuana


EPD's Party Patrol is aimed at 'preventing and responding proactively to potential alcohol and party-related problems that in the past have been associated with partying'. They said that there is a dramatic increase in these behaviors when students return to campus.

There has been a decrease in police/partier interaction since the first weekend back for students.Three weekends ago 43 people were arrested in the university-area, 25 more than this weekend. Police also issued nearly half as many citations and charges (53 compared to 100).

Police officials were not available to get their take on the diminished activity.