Philomath teen directing feature film

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PHILOMATH, Ore. - When most little kids were playing with hot wheels and legos, Christopher McMorran of Philomath was learning to use a video camera.

"I like capturing what I see and turning it into something other people can see," McMorran said.

McMorran started using a video camera at 7 years old.

"My first camera was this giant old one that records on to tapes," McMorran said, holding up a VHS camcorder.

Now at 13 years old, McMorran is directing his first feature film with fellow classmates working as actors and the production crew.

"The name of the movie is Treasure," McMorran said. "It follows three kids, they each find a separate clue to a treasure then some of them meet up and become friends and others meet up and become enemies."

McMorran said he teaches himself how to direct, but learns from watching his idols.

"I really like James Cameron, he's cool because he directed the two top grossing movies," McMorran said. "I also like George Lucas, how can you go wrong with Star Wars."

Although McMorran is just starting his movie making career, he already has his own directing tactic laid out.

"I think it's important to remember to have a story, and not just cool camera angles and all that good lighting and explosions," McMorran said. "Because in the end you are telling a story."

He said he hopes "Treasure" will be the first of many films directed by Christopher McMorran. The group of middle schoolers are still filming the last scenes of the movie.

McMorran said they are working on getting the film in a local theater by September.