Police ask for public's help: Is this your diary?

Police ask for public's help: Is this your diary?

EUGENE, Ore. -- Police are hoping to return this heirloom diary that they recovered when they arrested a suspect for stealing from parked cars last month.

Officers caught the suspect breaking into vehicles in the parking garage at 7th and Willamette (across from the Hult Center). 

During the arrest, officers found a diary with other items that the suspect had taken from vehicles in the lot.

Police officials believe that the diary is from the 1960's. According to the entries, the original diary owner passed away in 1972.

The Eugene Police said that they are still unsure if the diary  was stolen from a car and abandoned by the suspect, or if officers found it by coincidence.

After multiple attempts to find the owner, police are asking for help from the public in returning the diary.

Anyone who may recognize the diary and have information about its rightful owner is asked to contact the Eugene Police Department at (541) 682-2814.