Police: Newlywed trashed husband's stuff with machete

Police: Newlywed trashed husband's stuff with machete
FIFE, Wash. -- The honeymoon is most certainly over for one Fife couple after the husband asked to date other women, and the wife responded by allegedly taking a machete to his stuff.

Court documents say Beayanka Lafleur, 23, had been married to her husband for three months, but on Tuesday, as she and her husband were fighting about their marriage, he indicated he wanted to date other women.

Prosecutors say she sent him a text message while he was at work: "I can't wait for you to get home to see what I left."

When the husband returned home during his lunch hour, he found his wife holding a machete and much of his belongings had been cut up, prosecutors said. The man's clothes had also been ruined.

"As soon as I opened the door she picked up the machete put it in my face. I told her to put it down I looked around saw all of my stuff destroyed," said Brandon Lafleur.

The husband claimed his wife held the machete to his face, then began cutting the kitchen table with the knife. Brandon then left and called police.

Investigators say Mrs. Lafleur was gone by the time officers and the husband returned home, but they did find a handwritten note signed by her that read:

"You broke my heart so I broke our stuff. You trashed me through the whole relationship so I trashed our stuff. You wanna date while you're married...you got me (expletive) up."

Detectives later found Mrs. Lafleur, who admitted to pouring chemicals on her husband's clothes and slashing several items because she was upset he wanted to date other women, according to court documents.

Pierce County Prosecutor Mark Lindquist said the incident could have ended much worse.

"Nothing is more rancorous than a break up, and we see people do some crazy things in the thick of a break-up," he said.

She was arrested for investigation of malicious mischief and later released on her own recognizance, provided she didn't contact her husband or go back to their home.

For his part, Brandon still can't believe what happened.

"This is stuff you only see in movies," he said. "I've only seen it in movies, I've never seen it in real life."

Beyanka LaFleur told KOMO News late Thursday night she did not threaten her husband with a knife but says she "snapped." She also said she is pregnant and believed Brandon's behavior was threatening the baby's health.

Damage was estimated at $4,000.