Police: Boys reportedly planned to bring guns to Churchill High

Police: Boys reportedly planned to bring guns to Churchill High
Police at Churchill High School on Monday

EUGENE, Ore. - Police are questioning two boys after investigating a report that they planned to bring a gun to Churchill High School this coming Friday.

The Eugene Police school resource officer at Churchill got a tip that the two planned to bring a gun to school this week.

The two boys were not found at the school Monday. Eugene Police officers mounted a search and located the two kids at home with their parents.

No guns were located.

No charges have been filed. Police are still investigating the incident.

The Eugene 4J School District sent this message to Churchill parents:

Dear parents,
We want you to be aware of a situation that occurred today that already has been resolved. All students are safe and there is not a threat to the school or students at this time.
Churchill staff received third-hand information that two students might be planning to bring guns to school on Friday. We immediately secured the school’s entrances and exits and notified police. Police officers located the named students, who were not at school today, while other officers responded to the school to ensure students remained safe. Police are continuing their investigation.
We secured the school’s exterior doors for the entire day as a precaution, and we temporarily entered modified lockdown at the recommendation of police before the two students were located at their homes. We followed the emergency procedures that students and staff regularly practice for — the most recent lockdown drill was just a few days ago. Our outstanding Churchill staff and Eugene police handled the situation smoothly, and our students followed directions well. I am proud of our school community for their excellent response.
We are thankful that all of our students are safe, and that a person with information about a possible threat reported it to staff. At any time, any threat or possible threat of violence should be reported to police or school staff right away, even if you’re not certain it is credible.
Feel free or email to call if you have questions or concerns. Many thanks for your support.

Morgan Christensen
Assistant Principal
Churchill High School

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