Possible phone scam offers vacation through tree removal service's line

Possible phone scam offers vacation through tree removal service's line »Play Video

EUGENE, Ore. -- Cindy Wiley of Eugene said she received a call from potential phone scammers on Friday night, offering her a free vacation.

Wiley said she was surprised to see the call came from a local 541 area code.

“It was local. I picked up the phone thinking it was a friend or somebody I might know,” said Wiley, “Anybody saying I've won a trip when I haven't registered for a trip or I haven't applied for one, to me automatically means scam."

She said this isn’t the first time she’s received a call from this number. KVAL News called the number back, and found it belongs to a Eugene business.

The owners of Ron’s Tree Removal say they’re stumped as to how the calls originated from their Yellow Pages business line.

“We're a legit trimming, tree company. And we're not a part of no scam or anything like that,” said Brian Jones of Ron’s Stump & Tree Removal.

Jones and his business partner Devin DeMarce first heard their business line was involved in the automated calls Saturday morning.

Jones said the 541 number is assigned to their business by Dex - Yellow Pages. He said the line can only receive calls, not make outgoing calls.

“If you do get a call from that number, just make sure you don't press any numbers, don't give out any personal information because it's not a legit call from us. It's someone trying to take advantage of you," said Jones.

Jones told KVAL News he plans on calling the Dex Yellow Pages service first thing Monday morning to find out more about the phone calls.

Cindy Wiley said she's already reported the number to the Federal Trade Commission.