Pro Bull Riders saddle up at Matt Knight Arena

Pro Bull Riders saddle up at Matt Knight Arena

EUGENE, Ore. - As the bull jumps and jolts, one man attempts to hold on for eight seconds. He straps his hand down and tries to not let go until the most opportune moment. If he fails, he could fall from too high or get trampled by the bull.

On Saturday, Matthew Knight Arena transformed into the Professional Bull Riding’s stomping grounds.

The Touring Pro Division stopped in Eugene to provide an opportunity for riders to compete for money and qualify for the nationally televised Built Ford Tough Series. The top five riders from the TPR advance to BFTS.

Saturday’s event winner, Matt Triplett, walked away with $4,131 and a smile.

From Columbia Fall, Mont., the 21-year-old began the event in the lead. He had three intense rides, but his first ride maintained the top spot for the whole event.

After surviving eight seconds on the bull, he was given a score of 88.0.

Second place, with 87 points, went to Clint Johnson of Baker City. John Jacobs and A.J. Hambre tied for fourth with 85.5 points.

The crowd was provided additional entertainment when six young boys, as young seven years old, rode smaller but still feisty bulls.