'Quidam' paints a fantastical dreamscape

'Quidam' paints a fantastical dreamscape

EUGENE, Ore. - The circus is in town.

But not just any circus: the Cirque du Soleil, the Circus of the Sun. 

All shows by the Cirque du Soleil are visually stunning, but this show, Quidam, is a dreamscape of sound, color and the fantastic.

Quidam is the escapist world inhabited by a young girl, Zoe.

Ignored by her parents, she slips into her own world created by her imagination, a world inhabited by clowns and acrobats and singers and dancers. Lightning and thunder, smoke and glitter.

A Cirque du Soleil is always a visual extravaganza showcasing acrobats with skills that at times defy belief. 

Spinning inside giant hoops, a woman performing aerial ballet suspended far above the crowd on a giant red ribbon, a man walking effortlessly on clouds.

Since its start in 1984 by Guy Laliberte and Gilles Ste-Croix and a troupe of 20 street performers in Quebec, Cirque du Soleil has become synonymous with extraordinary physical feats by people in extraordinary costumes on stages of extraordinary designs.

Quidam, which employs 52 acrobats, singers and characters and has toured on five continents since its premier in Montreal in 1996, stays true to the tradition. 

Beautiful, funny, whimsical and breathtaking. Two hours of eye candy. Not much needs to be said about it.

In the three decades since its beginning, all you have to say is Cirque du Soleil, and people get it.

It will be a night of memorable sights.

And Quidam is absolutely gorgeous.

Quidam runs through Sunday at Matthew Knight Arena in Eugene

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