Marathon Coach hiring in Coburg as RV industry makes comeback

Marathon Coach hiring in Coburg as RV industry makes comeback »Play Video
Marathon Coach expects its workforce to grow from 130 to 150 by the end of 2014.

COBURG, Ore. - Marathon Coach plans to hire at least 20 people in the next few months as operations expand in 2014.

The company hired 5 people in December 2013.

Marathon general manager Steve Schoellhorn said it marks the beginning of a comeback for an industry decimated in 2008. 
Schoellhorn told KVAL's Tom Adams, "We expect to hire at least 20 people in the next few months of 2014 and will likely go above 20 throughout the year."
The company employs 130 people in Coburg now and expects to be close to 150 by end of 2014.

Brett Fuller is Senior Production Manager at Marathon.   Fuller is a former employee who left the company just before the 2008 economic crash and was just rehired last summer.  He says the mood at the plant is really upbeat.  "For so long the economy just kept going down and down and now it's stabilized and coming back--so it's exciting to see the market returning," says Fuller. 

When it comes to upbeat news in Coburg, Marathon isn't alone.

Camping World is setting up shop in Coburg.
It's new plant is still under construction with an expected opening this spring.

And a Texas-based company called Carry-On Trailer plans to set up shop across the street at part of the old Monaco Coach campus.  Lane County Economic Development said details are pending. No word yet on how many people the company will hire or when.  The company is based in Mexia, Texas and makes utility, flatbed and enclosed trailers.