RV maker in Coburg to hire 25 as production expands

RV maker in Coburg to hire 25 as production expands »Play Video
Marathon Coach expects to hire 25 people this year, many of them at its Coburg headquarters

COBURG, Ore. - Marathon Coach expects to hire another 25 employees in paint, production and service jobs this year on top of the 25 employees hired last fall.

The company expects to increase production 30 percent over the next year.

“As we continue to see pent up demand for Marathon coaches, we’re finding ourselves in a very low inventory situation,” said Steve Schoellhorn, the company's president and owner. “In addition to increasing production, we’re finding our service operations are continuing to grow, so we’re pleased to be seeking service technicians at all three of our locations as well.”

The company, headquartered in Coburg, also has Florida and Texas locations.  Schoellhorn says after the job losses and plant closures decimated the Lane County R-V industry, it's time for some optimism.  "The down years were very challenging for all the RV companies and it's really exciting to turn the corner and the market is different now--but we've reinvented ourselves, " says Schoellhorn.

Once the new hires are on the job, officials say it will boost the Marathon workforce to 165-170 total employees, again divided between the Coburg, Texas and Florida plants.

Most of the job openings will be in Coburg.

Schoellhorn explains the new employees will be hired in the next 3 to 4 months.

Marathon projects 2015 revenue to exceed $50,000,000.