Remembering Pre: 'He was always competitive, wanted to win everything'

Remembering Pre: 'He was always competitive, wanted to win everything'

COOS BAY, Ore. -- It was 38 years ago today when Steve Prefontaine's life came to a stop, but in typical 'Pre' fashion, his legacy continues to go.

Those closest to him believe his drive to be great is what's driving his legacy. "He had a unique character trait that allowed him to push himself beyond normal limits," said Jay Farr, one of Prefontaine's high school teammates.

Not only did he make a name for himself, but he put Coos Bay on the map.

Roger Gould spoke to KCBY News about a recent trip to Florida, where the small town of Coos Bay was recognized because of Pre. "My wife and I were in Orlando three weeks ago, and we happened to sit down at a restaurant with this young couple at the table right next to us. We started chatting and they were there for a marathon. We mentioned we were from Coos Bay (and they said) "Coos Bay! That's where Prefontaine's from!" Again, it's just an aura that has never died and never will," he said.

The way he competed motivates athletes across the nation.

Bret Orth is a University of Akron runner, and says he tries to model his personal drive after Prefontaine's. "I was just trying to be the best at everything, and I know that was one thing he tried to do," Orth said. "He was always competitive, wanted to win everything, and I'm kind of the same way."

As you reflect on his legacy, there's no doubt that Pre won.

Even with all his fame and success, Prefontaine never forgot about his friends, and it's pretty clear they haven't forgotten about him either.