Shocked by porn arrest: 'It's a very dangerous game to play'

Shocked by porn arrest: 'It's a very dangerous game to play' »Play Video
Antone Forrest Deedward Owens

EUGENE, Ore. -- The man arrested Thursday in connection to a number of break-ins on Friendly, Polk and Van Buren Streets has possible connections to similar incidents dating back to early Fall of last year, police said.

Antone Owens, 21, was arrested in connection to a break-in at a woman's house where he is accused of accessing internet pornography. The crime lab was able to match DNA found on a towel at the scene of that break-in with a voluntary DNA swab taken from Owens months back. 

Police told KVAL while Owens was connected to March's break-in, they have been investigating reports of similar incidents in the neighborhood dating back to September of 2011.

"The suspect accessed the victim's computer, went to a porn site, and so far in all instances mentioned he was masturbating." said Sergeant Mitch Martin of the Eugene Police Property Crimes Unit.

Police said that in some of these cases the suspect has entered the same house on more than one occasion. 

"He (the suspect) gets more of an adrenaline rush from going into someone's house even though he doesn't want to create any violent acts," said Sgt. Martin. "I think this is part of what he's doing."

Owens said he is married and admitted to having a pornography addiction since high school, police said.

The break-ins occurred in a 5-block radius of Polk and Van Buren Streets, a neighborhood Owens calls home. Many residents living in the area, wishing to remain anonymous, said they are shocked that these incidents happened so close to their homes.

It is surprising to me that people break into people's homes with that kind of knowledge in their heads." said neighborhood resident Kevin Meehan. "It's a shame, it's a very dangerous game to play."

The surfacing of these break-ins to the public has prompted many residents in the neighborhood to invest in security systems. For Meehan, he said he will rely on his dogs for security.

"There is no better security system than dogs." Meehan said, "I'd feel bad for the guy's family because the guy wouldn't make it out of my house if he did that."