Restaurants and bars serve up Thanksgiving feasts

Restaurants and bars serve up Thanksgiving feasts

EUGENE, Ore. - Millions of Americans are cooking their feast at home this Thanksgiving.

However, Nation's Restaurant News reported that at least 14 million people are sitting down at a table at a local restaurant this holiday.

Shari's restaurant manager Daniel Mercer said the sale of Thanksgiving dinner specials at his W 11th location hit an all-time high this Thanksgiving.

"Everyone is working their tail off," Mercer said. "Yesterday we sold 300 pies, so today we'll probably sell another 200 pies today."

For those who do not prefer turkey, Govinda's vegetarian buffet have a different kind of feast without the traditional bird.

Govinda's served up tofu cutlets, mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, sweet potatoes, pumpkin pie, green beans, and corn to hungry patrons like Rich Inlove.

"I think there's a lot of people who are grateful that he offers a nice vegetarian experience," Inlove said."We gobble responsibly by being vegetarian."

For turkey lovers who cannot miss their football, Wetlands Brew Pub is also serving a special turkey dinner on Thanksgiving.

"We have about 5 turkeys back there and we're hoping to move them out," said Melanie Vigue, an employee at the Wetlands Brew Pub.

However, customers only get the turkey if they donate canned goods or clothing to the Eugene Mission.

"It's really nice to feel like we're doing something generous and it feels good to give back," Vigue said.

Wetlands Brew Pub will be serving the holiday meals throughout the day until they run out of turkey.

From the waiters and kitchen staff at restaurants, to the stores and gas stations that remained open during the day, those who dined out during Thanksgiving were likely to have encountered someone who was working during the holiday.

According to a survey,one out of every six Americans will be working on Thanksgiving this year. Of the people working during the holiday about 90% said they would rather be with their families.