Robo Doc: OSU developing graduate degree in robotics

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Atrias the robot, 100 percent Made in Oregon

CORVALLIS, Ore. - Meet Atrias, a robot that can walk and run like a human being.

Professor Jonathan Hurst said Atrias is the only one of its kind in America  - and is 100 percent Made in Oregon.

It's still a work in process, but Hurst said researchers are working on getting Atrias to do a wide range of functions - from responding to disasters to exploring areas wheel vehicles have never been before, like thick jungles and mountainous terrain.

Oregon State currently offers some courses in robotics, but Hurst said they are pursuing a graduate program in robotics. There are currently about 35 graduate students involved in robotics research.

If approved, Oregon State would be 1 of only 4 universities to offer a graduate degree in "Robotics."

There is a growing demand for industrial robots, to both increase productivity and worker safety.

Some of the jobs are more doemstic: At OSU there is a robot named Harris which, like Rosie the robot on "The Jetsons," is capable of washing dishes and doing laundry.