Girl: Driver hit me in crosswalk, said 'Oops' and drove off

Girl: Driver hit me in crosswalk, said 'Oops' and drove off

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. - A 12-year-old girl was hit by a car a week ago while walking in a crosswalk - and the driver's reaction has many residents concerned.

"They rolled down the window and said 'Oops,' and they drove off," Brooklyn Kolessar told KVAL News.

"The bruising in her ribs did make it more complicated to breathe at night and she would have a lot of pain," said Carla Kolessar, Brooklyn's mother.

Brooklyn was walking to volleyball practice on Pioneer Parkway and Centennial Boulevard in Springfield. She said she still had a few seconds on the crosswalk when she could hear the brakes of the car. She says it was terrifying.

"I saw the car coming and I couldn't move I just froze," Brookly said. "He was going really fast, and he slid into me and knocked me over into the sidewalk."

Kolessar said the car hit her legs and abdomen. She has an injured shoulder and bruised ribs.

Carla said her daughter told her about the accident when she got home from work and she was in disbelief.

She called the police and took her daughter to the hospital.

She said the driver didn't do the right thing.

"A simple gesture of checking in with somebody, seeing if she was okay would have really solved a lot of this problem," Carla Kolessar said.

Police are looking for the driver and encourage him to come in and explain how the accident occured.

"Sometimes these things happen, they call them accidents, they may not have seen the pedestrian," Sgt. John Umenhofer with the Springfield Police Department said. "There may be a reason for that but when you don't stop and you take off then you are committing a crime."

Brooklyn described the driver as a white male in his 40's with thick glasses. She said he was driving an orange sedan that had a dent in the driver side door. He had two passengers in the car with him.

She remembers a partial license plate starting with 937 and one more thing about the driver.

"I'd probably say you need to learn to drive better," she said.