SWAT team evacuates 6th floor of apartment building, arrests suspect

SWAT team evacuates 6th floor of apartment building, arrests suspect »Play Video
A SWAT team responded but most of the delay hinged on obtaining a warrant, a spokesperson said. The suspect surrendered without incident.

EUGENE, Ore. - The SWAT team evacuated the 6th floor of a downtown apartment building before taking a wanted man into custody.

Police arrested Steven Mejia, 23, of Eugene on charges of Sexual Misconduct and Delivery of a Controlled Substance Schedule II Methamphetamine.

The investigation started Friday morning with a report of sexual misconduct involving Mejia and a 17-year-old girl.

Police said Mejia is a documented member of the Bario Los Paddrinos criminal street gang. Police also learned Mejia might have a firearm.

As a result, police deployed the SWAT, crisis negotiations and firefighters to the scene at 8th and Charnelton downtown.

After evacuating the 6th floor of the WestTown on 8th, police attempted to hail Mejia.

When that proved unsuccessful in getting him to the door, SWAT used a diversion sound device and took him into custody at 12:24 p.m. without further incident, police said.

In the residence, police found a replica airsoft-type pistol with components to make it to appear like a sub-machine gun.

No streets were closed during the incident although police did close a section of sidewalk on Charnelton.