Salsa Festival serves up live music and dance in Eugene

Salsa Festival serves up live music and dance in Eugene
Live music and lessons are part of the first Eugene Salsa Festival.

EUGENE, Ore. - The first Eugene Salsa Festival starts Friday night.

The Salsero Dance Company organized the event, which takes place nightly on the second floor of the Vets Club in midtown Eugene.

"There's salsa festivals from Tokyo to Berlin to LA to New York," said Michelle Hyde-Wright, one of the organizers, "but this is the first time we've ever had one here in Eugene, so it's pretty exciting."

Event organizer and dancer Jose Cruz thinks the festival will bring a new cultural feel to the area.

"We want to create something bigger to let Eugene know we have Latin music," he said.

Ticket to the festival start at $20, but you can also grab weekend packages.

"On both evenings we're gonna have a full hour of beginners class from 8:30 to 9:30, and then there's going to be a full hour of performances after that," Hyde-Wright said. "Even if someone's never done salsa before, they're definitely welcome to come, do the really beginners class, watch the shows, try a little dancing with the band."

The festival continues through Sunday. | More information