Separated at birth: Oregon woman meets twin after 78 years

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Elizabeth about 10 years old
  • Elizabeth about 10 years old
  • Ann as a girl with beret
  • Birth Certificate for Patricia Susan Lamb (Ann Patricia)
  • Birth Certificate for Elizabeth Ann Lamb
  • Twins meet for first time
  • Ann aged 1 with fluffy white hood
Elizabeth about 10 years old

Ann Hunt and Elizabeth Hamel were last together 78 years ago in their mother's womb. The twin sisters were reunited this month for the first time.

Hunt, who lives in England, was given up for adoption and only learned she had a twin when she began looking for her birth mother after her adopted mother died.

Hamel, who lives in Oregon, always knew she had a twin but says she never thought she would see her.

Meet Ann and Elizabeth #LiveOnKVAL at 6 p.m. Tuesday, May 6