Sheldon grad 9th fittest man on the planet

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Ben Stoneberg en route to a 9th place finish in the Reebok CrossFit games

EUGENE, Ore. - Ben Stoneberg is the 9th fittest man on the planet.

The Sheldon High School graduate placed Top 10 at the Reebok CrossFit games this year.

"They tested his endurance, they tested his strength and everything in between," said Zach Smith with CrossFit Intensify, "so he really proved that he's all around the 9th fittest in the world."

After finishing 16th last year, Stoneberg just wanted to improve. He attributes his finish to being a well-rounded athlete.

"You could be a crossfitter, you could be an Olympic lifter, you could be a power lifter," he said, "but you could also be all three, and that's pretty much what I am."

Stoneberg finished 3rd at regionals in Kent, Washington.

But when it was time for the big stage, he stepped things up as thousands in attendance cheered him on.

"You feel like you can do anything, you can just go up there and lift more weight than you ever thought you could or just do something or go faster," he said of the crowd's impact on his performance.

He tries to bring that mentality back with him to the gym.

"You just have to be go go go: you can't stop training all the time, you just have to have the mind set of wanting to be there and wanting to get better every day," he said.