Ready, set, snow: Ski shop, tire store busy ahead of forecast storm

Ready, set, snow: Ski shop, tire store busy ahead of forecast storm

EUGENE, Ore. - Steve Abbott shopped for boots at Berg's Ski Shop for himself and his wife Wednesday as they get ready to snowshoe for the first time.

"You know, when you look around here and you see all this equipment, you get excited and kind of want to go," Abbott said.

There's snow in the mountains, but the ski areas closest to Berg's Ski Shop in Eugene are still a few snowstorms shy of opening day.

"It's almost like getting to the starting line, get set, go," Dale Berg said.

The lack of snow hasn't stopped customers from heading in to get ready for Berg's 59th ski season.

"Basically they're coming in with their boots and their skis, and just getting them all fit, getting them all ready," Berg said. "Same thing with the snowboards: they're getting everything all adjusted, make sure the bindings are working."

Now all they need is more snow - or some time behind the wheel. 

Lifts are running on Mount Bachelor and the resorts on Mount Hood.

For Hoodoo and Willamette Pass, it's a waiting game.

"It would have been nice to have it at Thanksgiving, but we didn't," Berg said. "A lot of people went to Bachelor instead."

The weather might cooperate: the Cascades of Lane County appears to be in the path of a likely snow event forecast for Thursday night into Friday.

The threat of snow amidst a cold snap has shifted the crew at America's Tire into overdrive.

"Just tires alone, we'll do between 10 and 15 sets of winter tires," said Danny Roseberry, the assistant store mangaer.

Even more motorists are coming in and swapping regular tires for winter tires.

"Changeovers we'll do 30 to 40 vehicles of changeovers a day," he said.