Speedway brought to a screeching halt with permit problems

Speedway brought to a screeching halt with permit problems »Play Video

COTTAGE GROVE, Ore. -- City hall has stopped all racing at the dirt track until the Cottage Grove Speedway gets building permits approved.

The Cottage Grove Development Department put a stop to all racing until it pays for permits on all of the projects it has built without getting city approval. Bob Farwell made additions to the Cottage Grove Speedway grounds since he purchased the track in late 2010.

The city said that Farwell dropped the ball on meeting the terms of the 2010 master plan that governs the track. Some of the permit-less projects that have been added include two grandstands, an observation deck and an archway over the speedway entrance. Some of the engineering paperwork is also missing for projects that connected to the city water and sewer lines.

Community Development Director Howard Schesser is in charge of making sure all of the speedway's permits are in place.

"When the new owner took over, the master plan was in effect." Schesser said. "He knew what the conditions were and it is his responsibility to follow through to be able to operate."

Farwell hasn't returned KVAL's calls to get his stance on the permits and Cottage Grove Speedway closure.

It is up to the Speedway to get the necessary paperwork turned in in order to save the race season, scheduled to end next month.