Springfield Police: 'It was kind of a busy weekend'

Springfield Police: 'It was kind of a busy weekend'

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. - Sgt. David Lewis said Springfield Police officers had their hands full over the weekend.

"We had quite a few shootings and a robbery we had to take care of," he said. "Yeah, it was kind of a busy weekend, but sometimes it just comes together like that."

It all started late Friday night when police arrested 22-year-old Jeffrey David Braden on charges alleging he fired shots into the air at the corner of V Street and Shady Lane.

"It's not only the gunshot that you have to worry about," said neighbor Steven Graves, "but where was the gunshot fired and the stray falls down."

Early Saturday morning, police arrested 22-year-old Joseph Vandervort, accusing him of firing a handgun during a dispute with his brother. The bullet hit the house next door.

And early Sunday morning, police arrested 25-year-old Kurt Elkins after he allegedly fired a handgun during a fight with an unidentified man with a knife.

"I don't know if i would blame the holidays," Sgt. Lewis said. "I would blame at least alcohol in a couple of the instances."

Police said it was definitely alcohol that led to the mess on G Street and 7th early Sunday morning.

Officers arrested Gerardo Castro-Agguire, 25, after they said he drove drunk, wiping out a fence, three cars, a deck and a front lawn.

To cap  off the weekend, police responded to Ashley's Deli on Main Street on Sunday night. They found a customer with Sidney Queener in a choke hold. Witnesses told police Queener tried to rob the deli with a hatchet.

Lewis said the customer felt compelled to step in when he saw the suspect menace an employee with the small ax.

"He said, I thought he was going to hurt the guy. I had to do something," Lewis said. "And so, he just felt it was his duty to do that. Like I said, I commend that."