Springfield man arrested in Sudan

Springfield man arrested in Sudan
Rudwan Dawod

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. - Springfield resident Rudwan Dawod was arrested last week near Khartoum, Sudan, according to multiple sources.

Dawod was working with a group called Sudan Sunrise. A representative of the group and Dawod's wife, who is in Springfield, both said Dawod is in custody in Khartoum.

Dan Sullivan with United to End Genocide (formerly Save Darfur) told KVAL News he met Dawod a few weeks ago in independent South Sudan.

Dawod told him he was going to Khartoum for peace building work.

Sullivan questioned Dawod, knowing that it was a dangerous area, but Dawod felt like he needed to go anyways, Sullivan said.

Over 1,000 protesters have been arrested in Khartoum in the last 3 weeks.

Dawod was scheduled to have a trial on Monday. No word yet on if it happened. He is still in jail.