Woman frees herself after tree crashes into Wilsonville home

Woman frees herself after tree crashes into Wilsonville home »Play Video
No one was hurt when this tree crashed through a house Monday morning. (Photo by TVF&R)

WILSONVILLE, Ore. – A tree crashed through a house and landed on a woman in bed during the storm early Monday morning in Wilsonville.

Tualatin Valley Fire and Rescue tweeted that the woman was able to get free and drive herself to the hospital.

Jane Garrard has a fracture in her lower back but was otherwise in good spirits Monday afternoon after being released from the hospital.

Garrard said it was all surreal, because when she woke up, she could see the sky.

Damage to the house was extensive. The tree crashed through the roof in two back bedrooms. The tree also clipped a portion of a house next door.

Certified arborists at the scene said the tree, a 40-year-old Cottonwood, was rotten inside, and the windy conditions easily snapped it.

Garrard said when she woke up, she pretty much knew what happened and her instincts told her she needed to get out of the house.

"I found this little square piece of wood, or branch, and I hoisted myself, and I climbed through it and got out of it," she told KATU News.

She helped get her 19-year-old son out as well as two dogs and two cats. All of them are OK.

Garrard is staying with relatives but doesn't really want to come back to the damaged house.

"Not even concerned about that," she said. "It’s just the fact that my child is alive, I’m here, and my precious dogs and my two cats are alive and well, and that’s all I’m focusing on."

Firefighters said one thing that might have saved her life was her airbed - It had more give than a firmer mattress.

"It’s so surreal," Garrard said. "It’s kind of like, ok this didn’t really happen to me, let me wake up again."

More wind damage

Strong wind gusts also ripped off the roof of a floating home on Hayden Island.

"I thought a plane had landed on the roof," the homeowner, John Bonica, told KATU News. "That’s how noisy it was. The dogs went berserk."

Bonica said the roof flew off sheet by sheet during a four hour time period.

"Some of it landed right between the houses here, and one right in front of the neighbors,'" Bonica said.

His neighbor, Sarah Ross, said no one got much sleep as their houseboats shook and they all listened helplessly to Bonica's roof tearing apart.

"Bending up and making a horrific noise until it would break off and fly away," Ross said. "Unfortunately, more and more of their roof came off, it was a pretty unnerving night."

KATU News also heard a report of a 100-foot tree toppling onto someone's car in Vancouver.

The strong wind and heavy rain caused thousands of power outages across the region Monday morning.

KATU's Erica Nochlin and Mary Loos contributed to this story.