Sudan releases Springfield man: 'He is amazingly strong'

Sudan releases Springfield man: 'He is amazingly strong' »Play Video

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. -- The Sudanese government released a Springfield man from jail after he spent over a month imprisoned overseas.

Rudwan Dawod was jailed while on a foreign aid trip in his home country of Sudan. After spending a month in jail, Dawod was released on Monday, and detained for more questioning by Sudanese Security forces later that day.

Rudwan's wife, Nancy said that her husband was released again Friday and is finally a free man. She spoke to Rudwan as soon as he arrived at his parent's house in Sudan.

"The first question I asked was, 'why hasn't he called me?' So, he didn't have credit on his phone and I was able to call him within minutes of his arrival at his family's home." Nancy Dawod said.

Nancy Dawod said that the Sudanese Security forces detained Rudwan because they thought that he was a spy.

Tom Prichart is the executive director of Sudan Sunrise, the aid program that Rudwan worked for.

"It's amazing because he sounds so good. You would think that someone who has been tortured, jailed and under the possible threat of a death penalty would be devastated by the experience." Prichart said. "He is amazingly strong and his spirits are good."

Nancy told KVAL that the Sudanese Security Forces made Rudwan agree to leave as soon as possible.

She said that he couldn't arrive soon enough with the due date of the couple's first baby girl only four weeks away. When asked about the name of the baby Nancy said Rudwan had only one name in mind.

"Sudan, that was her father's wishes." Nancy Rudwan said.