Suspected drunk driver hits 100 mph going wrong way on I-5

Suspected drunk driver hits 100 mph going wrong way on I-5
TUMWATER, Wash. -- A 60-year old woman is under arrest after troopers say she mixed alcohol and prescription drugs and drove the wrong way down I-5, at times topping 100 miles an hour.

"I compare her to a bullet out of a gun; she was just waiting to hit something," said Trooper Guy Gill with the Washington State Patrol.

Dispatchers were inundated with 911 calls around 2 a.m. on Wednesday, after drivers heading southbound on I-5 first spotted the driver heading in the wrong direction. Troopers believe Pamela Drawsby, 60, of Olympia, got on the highway in Tumwater and made it to near Joint Base Lewis McChord before troopers were able to stop her.

"I look up and there's headlights right in front of me," said Jenny-Anne Ames, a witness who called 911. "I veered at the last moment -- probably missed the person by a foot."

"It was quick. I (saw) it coming, and I thought, my god, I'm not in the wrong lane," added witness Tom Elkins, who was driving an 18-wheeler at the time. "I had about half a second to determine where I was going to go, and I was hoping (she) wouldn't go in the same direction I was."

Troopers tried using loudspeakers, sirens, and even spotlights shining into Drawsby's car to get her to stop. They eventually shut down the highway, and say Drawsby slowed to a halt when she saw the road block.

When troopers arrested her, she tested positive for alcohol, Gill said, and was above the legal limit of .08. She also admitted to taking prescription drugs, Gill added.

"The combination of any prescription medication -- especially a narcotic and alcohol -- that makes (the reaction time) worse on all accounts," Gill said. "When we first got her stopped, she didn't even know she was on I-5."

"This could've been so much worse," he added. "The chances of surviving a head-on crash at 100 MPH are virtually nonexistent."

Drawsby is expected to make a court appearance later this week.