Swartout reported missing, found asleep on Portland porch

Swartout reported missing, found asleep on Portland porch

PORTLAND, Ore. - A Eugene woman recently acquitted of murder charges was reported missing in Portland early Saturday morning, police officials said.

Portland police said that the missing woman, 25-year-old Angelica Swartout, was found later in the day by a U.S. Postal Service worker. She was sleeping on the front porch of a northeast Portland home.

According to police, the incident started  at around 3:30 A.M. Saturday, when Swartout and her friend left a downtown Portland bar and accepted a ride from a man driving a silver Prius.

The friend told police that she got out of the Prius at around 4 A.M. to look at a street sign, hoping to find the correct way to get to Swartout's home. She then said that the driver (described as a black man, in his late 30's), left  the area with Swartout asleep in the back seat.

After an investigation, Police located Swartout sleeping on the porch of a northeast Portland home. She was taken to a local hospital to be examined for possible hypothermia.

Officials said that she did not appear to be injured or assaulted during the incident and told police she has no idea who gave her and her friend a ride.

Portland Police Bureau officials said accepting rides from strangers is something people should avoid and that people should only accept transportation from someone they know or legitimate taxi services.

Back in May, Swartout was acquitted after she faced aggravated murder charges after police accused her of dumping a newborn baby in the trash.