Tasty Tuesday: Food Love

Tasty Tuesday: Food Love

EUGENE, Ore. - Angie Medrano and her husband have always wanted to own their own restaurant.  Their passion got a little push from the encouragement of friends and the Eugene couple decided to just do it.

A restaurant, however, is no small undertaking.  So instead Medrano decided a food cart would be the best place to start.  They snagged a fixer upper in the summer of 2011, and with a bit of work and a lot of love they were open for business the following summer.

They serve up what can best be described as gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches.  Creative concoctions that include options like the Eden, Gouda with green apple, and the Sexy, provolone with bacon and caramelized onion.

Like any foodie, Angie Medrano loves food and it shows in her weekly special.  Instead of limiting themselves to just grilled cheese they offer up unique options that change every week.  Giving Angie a chance to spread her culinary wings and prevent any monotony in their menu.

Medrano also finds inspiration in what adventurous eaters might call a disability.  Having an allergy to Gluten has forced her to be creative as a home cook.  She's also carrying that creativity over to her cart.  Giving those who share her sensitivity to the protein a chance to enjoy a meal away from home.