Tasty Tuesday: Top City Frozen Yogurt

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EUGENE, Ore. - Top City Frozen Yogurt, on 18th near Chambers in Eugene, is like a lot of the frozen yogurt places around.  You'll find a plethora of flavors and toppings that add up to a nearly limitless number of possibilities.  To call them just another frozen yogurt joint, however, would be missing the mark.

Top City opened just before the summer season, and naturally did pretty well, but cooler weather is fast approaching.  So why would anyone want to eat something with the word frozen in it?  As it turns out that is a question owner Tina Rimmer asked as well.

The answer, it seems, turned out to be pretty simple.  Just offer more.  You'll find everything from gourmet coffees to bagel sandwiches on their menu, and if you are still looking for that yogurt fix you can always use it to top off one of their Belgian Waffles.

Only stopping by the yogurt shop for a cool treat is now a thing of the past, and Top City is proving it.