Tax deadline April 15: Tips for people filing last-minute

Tax deadline April 15: Tips for people filing last-minute »Play Video

EUGENE, Ore. -- The 2013 federal tax return deadline is Tuesday. 

If you’ve been putting it off, here are some last minute tips to make filing as smooth as possible.

First, the Internal Revenue Service suggests you file electronically. Most tax software programs flag common errors while doing calculations for you.

If you plan on mailing your return rather than filing electronically, it has to be postmarked by April 15, or tax day.

Officials suggest you double-check all of your numbers. Take a minute to look over everything you’ve written down, as one misplaced digit means your forms will be sent back for you to fix.

Make sure you attach all of the required forms. The IRS needs copies of your W-2 forms to verify your numbers. They suggest you keep a copy of the completed return for your own records.

As a last note, remember to sign and date your return. It may seem simple, but IRS officials say this step is often over looked.

If you cannot meet the April 15 deadline, file for an extension.

Extensions give you extra time to file, but tax payments are still due April 15.