'The dream is that this would be a world-class golf course'

'The dream is that this would be a world-class golf course'

CRESWELL, Ore. - Four universities in the Pac-12 have their own home golf courses. 

Some University of Oregon alumni want to turn a ranch near Creswell into the fifth.

"The dream is that this would be a world-class golf course," Mike Evans, a land use consultant.

Evans said the par 72 course would cover 130 acres of ranchland where the Christensen Brothers once raised stock for rodeos.

Golf course designer Tom Fazio has been tabbed for the job.

"Considered from 1 to 10, 10 being the highest quality, he said this is a number 10 location for a golf course," Evans said.

No public money would be involved in developing the property. Donors would be needed to foot the $25 million bill, which includes setting up an endowment to pay for course operations.

Craig Pintens, senior associate athletics director at UO, told KVAL News the university is not actively soliciting funds for this plan, al though they welcome the course if it can be done.

The alumni behind the plan have already entered into an agreement with the City of Creswell to irrigate the course with treated wastewater from the town's sewage treatment plant, not unheard of for golf courses - and a way to avoid tapping groundwater to water the course.

County government has to answer a few questions first about the land, too.

"Does the zoning allow it? Does the state law allow it? Is there enough real space?" said Matt Laird, Lane County's planning director. "We believe the answers to those questions is yes."

Without a home course, the Oregon golf teams have used the Eugene Country Club, Shadow Hills Country Club and Emerald Valley Golf Course to host tournaments. Oregon State's home course is Trysting Tree in Corvallis.

Evans said boosters hope neighborhood concerns can be met.

"We've dealt quite a bit with neighbors and that sort of thing," he said, "and they obviously have concerns about it, and so we've dealt with them a lot."

Before there's a round played there, developers have a lot of rough to work their way through. Evans said his best guess for breaking ground is 2014.