The infectious 'Thrill the World' spreads to Eugene

The infectious 'Thrill the World' spreads to Eugene

EUGENE, Ore. -- The undead filled Kesey Square Saturday after a worldwide infection that has spread to Eugene. That infection all started with one of Michael Jackson's most contagious dance hits.

Since 2006 people around the globe have gathered together for "Thrill the World", where large groups of people dressed as zombies sing and dance along to one of the pop legend's biggest hits, "Thriller". 

Each participating city starts the dance at exactly 12 p.m. local time.  Over a hundred ghoulish dancers boogied along to the song when Eugene's clock struck noon, matching the choreographed moves laid out in Jackson's 1983 music video.

For dancing zombies like Lorie Vik, the event provides a chance to connect with people around the world in celebration of Michael Jackson's music.

"It was really motivating actually … and reminded us that everybody else around the world was doing it at the exact same time. You really feel like it's a lot bigger than just Eugene."

This year marks the first time Eugene has joined Salem and Portland in representing Oregon for "Thrill the World".

Each city that participates in the event supports awareness for a different non-profit. For Eugene, organizers chose to recognize Shelter Care.

Organizers said they want to make Eugene an annual participant in "Thrill the World".