Porn billboard: 'They obviously put it there on purpose'

Porn billboard: 'They obviously put it there on purpose'

EUGENE, Ore. - A billboard located next to an adult bookstore in Eugene asks, "Addicted to Porn?"

LCC student Jasmin Childress just laughed.

"They obviously put it there on purpose," laughed Jasmin Childress, a student at the nearby Lane Community College.

On purpose - from a higher power?

The website calls it "God's will" that the billboard space opened up. The ministry is paying $500 per month for the space.

The staff at the Adult Shop next store declined to comment.

Neither the website operator nor the Adult Shop corporate have responded yet to a request for interviews.

But the billboard is visible from Interstate 5 near the 30th Avenue exit, a busy interchange near Lane Community College.

Deel Jacobson at the 76 gas station across the interstate from the sign said he hadn't noticed it before a reporter asked him about it.

"It's hilarious," he said.

Marriage and family counselor Nancy Scott took a look, too.

"It's brilliant," she said. Scott said porn viewing is often a factor in marital problems.