Electric ranges stolen from Long Tom Grange hall

Electric ranges stolen from Long Tom Grange hall

JUNCTION CITY, Ore. - Someone stole two new electric ranges and other property from a community meeting hall near Junction City last week.

Someone, possibly using a key, entered the Long Tom Grange building last week and stole two new electric ranges, a microwave oven, tools, towels and other assorted items, said grange member Danuta Pfeiffer.

The Grange is a community organization known in Junction City for the annaul Daffodil Drive and the Men of the Long Tom Grange calendar, which raised money for the Junction City School District.

"It's a shock to see our little rural hall devastated like this," Pfeiffer said.  "This grange has done so much good for so many people in this small community, it's a shame to see this happen. While the grange has insurance to replace some of the items, this falls at a particularly bad time with our need to upgrade our facility and pay maintenance costs."

The sheriff's office was contacted, but with the culprits long gone, they did not respond to the scene, Pfeiffer said.

Pfeiffer said the grange will decide at its next meeting on Thursday, July 19, what, if anything, it can do to increase security and repair the kitchen.