Tow truck funeral: 'when one of our family dies, we do this'

Tow truck funeral: 'when one of our family dies, we do this'

EUGENE, Ore. --  A motorcade of tow trucks made up a procession through Eugene for a local business owner's funeral Saturday morning.

Pedro 'Max' Vasquez, the 86-year-old owner of Max's Auto Center in Veneta, died in mid-June. His legacy extended past his immediate family to a community who was touched by what he did in the automotive and towing business.

Max Vasquez owned and operated Max's Auto Center in Veneta for 37 years. He also started and then sold Roger's Towing in Veneta.

Bill Farwell attended Saturday's funeral, as a former colleague and friend of Max's. He said that Max was an honest man who was willing to help anyone in need.

"These are all local guys, local tow companies from Eugene and Springfield." Farwell said. "When one of our family dies, we do this."

Vasquez also had ties to the Oregon Country Fair, providing towing and mechanical services for the fair for 30 years. Coordinators with the oregon Country Fair said that Vasquez will be missed from the fair family.

Vasquez was originaly from Peru, but called Oregon his home. His grandchildren said he dedicated his life to helping people, so it was fitting that he run a company that helps people in need.

"He liked helping whoever was in trouble, so I think it suited his personality." said Tessa Diaz, Max's granddaughter.