Traditional trim to remember Pre: 'Here we are, 38 years later'

Traditional trim to remember Pre: 'Here we are, 38 years later' »Play Video

EUGENE, Ore. -- The day after track-legend Steve Prefontane died in 1975, two of the people who knew him best started a tradition. For the last 38 years Pre’s running mate Pat Tyson and track coach Bill Dellinger would go to the Red Rooster barber shop, located just off of the Univeristy of Oregon Campus.

For them, remembering their dear friend Pre starts on May 31, in a place they all shared when he was alive.

Near the University of Oregon campus is the barbershop where Pete Peterson would give the famous distance runner Steve Prefontaine a trim.

“He'd stick his head in here and say, ’Hey let's go play pool!’,” said Peterson.

Peterson was more than just Prefontaine's barber. They were also friends.

The day before the annual Pre Classic that commemorates the legendary distance runner, Peterson gets a visit from Pat Tyson and Bill Dellinger. Tyson and Bellinger were the two men who knew Pre best.

“Here we are 38 years later talking about it,” said Tyson.

On May 30th, 1975, the man who helped inspire the 1970's running boom died at the age of 24. He was killed in a single vehicle crash while driving in the South Hills of Eugene. 

The two men cheer with the thousands of other spectators at the Prefontaine Classic on Saturday, held in honor of the late UO track star. Dellinger and Tyson will complete their annual tradition by heading over to the Land o'Goshen Tavern in Goshen for chicken and chili.