Two charged in street gang plot

Two charged in street gang plot

EUGENE, Ore. - Police arrested two people charged in connection with an alleged plot to shoot rival gang members back in September that police said sparked plans for a retaliatory attack on Halloween night.

Police went public in October with information about the plot, putting criminal street gang members on notice that officers would be in the area to prevent or respond to any incident.

The night passed peacefully. >>> More stories about the Gangs of Eugene

On Thursday, Eugene police with the assistance of Cottage Grove Police took 18-year-old Daniel Sotelo of Cottage Grove into custody without incident on one count of Attempted Murder, one count of Attempted Assault in the First Degree, one count of Unlawful Use of a Weapon and one count of Menacing. 

The charges stemmed from a Sept. 23, 2011, incident. Police said Sotelo, a self-identified leader of the South Side Play Boy Sureno Trece (PBS) criminal street gang, drove to the area of Trainsong Park with the intent of shooting rival gang members.

Investigators learned that the gun malfunctioned, preventing the shooting. All in the vehicle were seen wearing blue bandanas over their faces at the time indicating ties to the Sureno gang.

Later the same evening the group returned to the area for an additional attempt to shoot members of the West Side Piru and contacted an uninvolved male on Roosevelt Blvd who happened to be wearing red clothing, police said. The group exited the vehicle confronting the male and only left after seeing he was accompanied by a young child.

In the course of the investigation, detectives identified Loucinda Reeves, 38, of Eugene as the driver of the vehicle during the second attempted assault. 

Reeves has been known to provide assistance to the PBS gang in many ways, police said.

Reeves was taken into custody at her Churchill Village home on Thursday without incident by detectives on one count of Hindering Prosecution, one count of Tampering with Evidence and one count of Furnishing Alcohol to Minors.

The investigation into the incidents is ongoing with the potential for additional charges and suspects, police said.

The Sept. 23 incident was the catalyst for the conspiracy, uncovered by detectives, of the planned Halloween retaliation shooting against the PBS by members of West Side Piru, police said.