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Pete Deshpande

EUGENE, Ore. - The University of Oregon's Department of Public Safety has a new leader at the helm.
Pete Deshpande started his new job this week as the department's police captain.
The former Eugene police officer and captain has over 22 years of experience in police work.    

He said he can't wait to get started helping the department during a time of transition into a fully operating police department.

"I had a great run at the Eugene Police Department and I'd love to parlay some of those things that I learned into success here," he said. "And as you know, we're going to have to work very closely with Eugene police to make this work.
Deshpande received both a bachelor's and a master's degree from Oregon.
His father is a professor emeritus there, his mother also received a master's and his children both attended school there as well.