Udderly shocking find for police in moo-ing U-Haul van

Udderly shocking find for police in moo-ing U-Haul van
Greenhill's Assistant Director Jaclyn Semple with the calf, who they have nicknamed "Van".

EUGENE, Ore. -- With thousands of students moving in for the 2012 University of Oregon school year, it is common to see moving vans parked along Eugene's roads.

However, residents at an apartment complex near Kinsrow Road called police when they heard mooing sounds coming from an abandoned U-Haul van.

Police discovered a newborn calf inside an abandoned U-haul truck left alongside Kinsrow Road on Wednesday, Aug. 22.

The responding officer from the Eugene Police Department said that he found the calf inside the stifling van without water and covered in its own filth. The officer said that the calf had been locked in the van for at least two days.

Officers transported the calf to the nearby Greenhill Humane Society, where veterinary staff and volunteers helped feed and clean the baby cow.

Greenhill's Assistant Director Jaclyn Semple said that the calf, whom they named "Van," has received extra attention from veterinary specialists and is considered to be in good condition. She said that this was the first time she had heard of a situation like this.

"This is definitely our first livestock experience at this shelter." said Semple. "But there is a reason for this barn here, other shelters have gotten cows in the past."

If no one steps forward to claim the calf in three days, he will be put up for adoption. Police said whoever abandoned the calf could face animal neglect charges.