Water main break turns boulevard into a brook

Water main break turns boulevard into a brook

EUGENE, Ore.-- A water main break on McLean Boulevard sent streams into nearby properties on Tuesday.

Eugene Water and Electric Board crews put their tools and sandbags to good use, while residents rushed to do what the could to keep water from flooding into their homes.

"It's eroding a gully through my driveway," said neighbor Al Urquhart, "and it's damming up the neighbor's house. It may actually flood up to the floorboards."

Nearby residents like Alain Rebeyrol also braced himself for possible damage, "The water is going down into my property and filling up the yard."

Still, Rebeyrol hoped for the best. "I don't know the extent of it, so no worry yet. And EWEB is here, so everything's fine I'm sure."

Harwood said several neighbors lost water as they worked to get the water main break fixed, but they should have service restored some time Tuesday night.