Water patrols gearing up for hot weekend

Water patrols gearing up for hot weekend

FOSTER LAKE, Ore. - This weekend, there's sure to be nothing but summer fun, from lake to shining lake.

And while you're out celebrating the sunshine, the Linn County Sheriff's Office Marine Patrol will be making sure you're playing it safe.

This year, Linn County has already responded to ten water rescues; four of which resulted in death.

"The biggest problem is getting resources there often. It takes us an hour or more just to get to some places, depending on where it is," said Matt Wilcox of the Marine Patrol.

So it's no wonder why they take safety very seriously, but they aren't just out busting boaters for forgetting their life jackets. The Linn County Marine Patrol performs voluntary safety checks to make sure you have everything you need, like whistles and fire extinguishers.

And as the sun heats up, those safety checks could be a saving grace.

"As the weather gets better, there's more and more boats on the water, so we're just going to be out there as much as we can," said Wilcox.