'We take all vehicles, running or not'

'We take all vehicles, running or not' »Play Video
Got a car rotting in your yard? You can donate cars - running or not - to benefit local charity. You get a tax write off - and the car out of your life.

EUGENE, Ore. - Cars and trucks, yes - but snowmobiles and RVs?

"We take all vehicles, running or not," said Charley Harvey, associate director of the vehicle sales and donations program at St. Vincent de Paul.

Donating a vehicle is a way to turn an unwanted rig into tax deduction instead of dealing with trying to sell it.

"A lot of times it's just a big hassle for a lot of folks you know you don't know who's going to show up at their house or calling them all hours of the day, and sometimes it's just easier and more convenient for people to donate it to us," Harvey said.

Donors can deduct the amount for which St. Vincent de Paul's sells it. The charity gets to keep the money.

"The revenues go to help all social programs that we do," Harvey said. "Plus it also helps the community because we can provide decent vehicles for people at affordable prices."

Harvey said when you sell your car to St. Vincent de Paul, you will receive a reciept with the amount the car was purchased to declare for your taxes.

The charity recommends talking with a tax advisor to determine what's best for you.