Beavers fans: 'We're just enjoying the ride'

Beavers fans: 'We're just enjoying the ride'

CORVALLIS, Ore. - Heather and Mark Leaming are diehard Beaver believers.

"I've been a fan through the 28-year losing streak," said Mark.

Now their loyalty to the team is finally paying off.

"After the last two years and especially this year, it's like what happened? I love it, we're back," he said.

The Beavs have gone 6-0 this season, after beating Utah at home this past Saturday. They also moved up one spot to 7th in the BCS rankings. It's the first time in over 100 years that the Beavers have had such a great start to a season.

"Even we can't remember that far back," said fan and alumni Wanda Crannell. "As alumni we remember the days when they struggled. But when they're this good, that early, it's pretty amazing."

It's also the first time the Beavers have gone 4-0 in conference play since the opening season of the Pac-8 in 1968.

Those good vibes are turning into big profits at the Beaver Store on campus.

"This weekend was actually a record-setting weekend for us," said apparel manager Erik Anderson. "So obviously a lot of excitement for us."

Anderson said Beaver swag is flying off the shelves. Everything from T-shirts to sweatshirts, and the most popular item of all, jerseys.
"Some of the Nike gear, when we see Coach Riley in stuff the fans want to partake in that so the sideline gear is very popular as well," said Anderson.

So far the 2012 season has been good to the Beavs, and fans said they can't wait for what's to come.

"Miracles happen and I believe in the Beavers, absolutely," said Crannell.

"I think the nation is starting to take notice, so here on campus we're just enjoying the ride," added Anderson.