Who killed Jakhob Miles?

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Cases unsolved, not 'cold'
  • 'I sat there for the longest time just waiting for him'
  • Teen's body found
  • Body found near Murder Creek
  • Cases unsolved, not 'cold'
  • Jakhob last seen 1 1/2 miles from where he was found dead
  • Jakhob Miles
  • Jakhob Miles
Cases unsolved, not 'cold'
Four years later, detectives still don't know who murdered Jakhob. His is one of more than a dozen unsolved Linn County cases. Harmon doesn't called them "cold cases" because "there's a stigma with them. They're in a box, on a shelf collecting dust." He called Jakhob's case an active investigation. The Miles family and Linn County investigators spoke to Kelly Koopmans from KVAL News about the unsolved killing of 19-year-old Jakhob Miles for a story set to air Monday, Feb. 13, 2012, on KVAL News @ 11 p.m.