Widow donates husband's clothes to people in need

Widow donates husband's clothes to people in need »Play Video
The late Lorenzo Muller, pictured with his grandson.

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. - Lorenzo Muller passed away on Thanksgiving.

A week later, his wife made a decision to keep others warm in honor of her husband's memory.

"People need these things," Jodie Muller said of the warms coats and clothes she brough to Ebbert Methodist Church. "They're just hanging here, so let's get them to the people who need them."

"He was incredibly loving, so strong, and all of the girls will tell you, he always smelled good, and we are just one big family, and there's going to be a dent for quite a while," she added.

Jody said she wants other people to donate their unneeded warm coats as winter sets in, too.

"I'm hoping that other people in the community will realize how cold it is out there," she said. "You know, think about a child or a teenager that's out there in the cold. Help out, it's Christmas, it's the season of giving."

Coping with her loss, she has advice for other people, too.

"When you leave to go somewhere, when you go to bed at night, whenever you have a chance - the people that you love, tell them," she said. "Tell them that you love them, because you never know. You never ever know what's going to happen."